Our group


The HAH group is a holding company in the south of Madagascar specialized in the production of sisal, tourism and transport. With nearly 1,500 employees dedicated to sisal, we grow 3,500 hectares and produce nearly 3,000 tons of fiber per year at the Berenty plant, located 8km from Amboasary.

Our story

  • 2015

    New fields

    The ecological virtues of sisal restore its popularity and the group HAH develops its production by opening new fields of sisal.
  • 2010

    Prestigious clients

    The quality of Berenty sisal, internationally recognized, allows us to develop partnerships with renowned companies such as Bouygues.
  • 1980s

    New horizons

    To resist the worldwide decline in sisal purchases with the arrival of competing synthetic fibers in the 1980s, the group was able to diversify its activities by opening up tourism and transport.
  • 1960s

    Already at the forefront of modernity

    Imported from Mexico, agave sisalanna thrives in the Androy region thanks to their climatic similarities. Quality has always been the priority of the company, HAH has quickly invested in the purchase of ultra-modern defibrators designed in Holland, the Storck.
  • 1936

    The beginning

    Historical company of Fort-Dauphin and its region, the group HAH is founded by Mr. Henry de Heaulme in 1936 when the exploitation of sisal in Androy begins.