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The best sisal
HAH group knows how to surround itself with a highly qualified international team to manage and optimize sisal harvesting and fiber production. We pride ourselves on combining the most efficient traditional techniques with the best and safest industrial machines to produce the best sisal in the world.


Local development and welfare of employees
HAH group is committed to local development and to its employees. All our employees who work daily on the fields and at the factory are recruited locally and benefit from healthy housing, health services, local businesses and two schools. In addition, the HAH group supports the fight against malnutrition in the south of the country by encouraging the development of agriculture. Farmers can indeed enjoy the ploughed fields in the large spacing between each sisal plant to sow and harvest their own crops.


The fiber of the 21st century
In order to preserve the environment, the HAH group maintains 100 meters of forest every 1000 meters of sisal plantation. The cultivation of sisal also absorbs large amounts of CO2 and thus contributes to the fight against climate change. Moreover, it consumes little water, it occupies only land in dry areas, unsuitable for large food crops.